Hardware (equipment)

If you have lost some of your hearing, there is lots of equipment that can help you hear sound from your computer or smartphone.

Bone conduction headphones

These headphones can help people with some loss of hearing to listen to music, videos and sound from their computer.

Bone conduction headphones work by using the bone in your skull to conduct sound.

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Cynaps bluetooth hat

The Cynaps bluetooth hat has two bone conduction speakers in it. This allows the person wearing it to hear sounds through bone conduction.

The person wearing the hat does not need earphones to hear the sounds.

The Cynaps bluetooth hat can connect to a computer or smartphone using a bluetooth signal.The hat also has a microphone in its peak.

The person wearing the hat can listen to music from their computer or make phone calls from their smartphone.

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cynaps hat2

Mobile phones

Mobile phones offer many ways to communicate for people who can’t hear very well.

Most mobile phones show a visual alert on the screen when the person gets a message, or receives a phone call.

All mobile phones have text messaging.

Some smartphones allow video phone calls which lets people use sign language.

If you use a hearing aid and are looking to buy a mobile phone, you should try out several to see which one works best with your hearing aid.

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