Software and apps

Find out about some of the software that you can get that will make your computer easier to use.


Skype allows people who can’t hear very well to have conversations with other people by using their computer instead of a phone.

Skype lets you hold video calls so you can use sign language.

Skype is also an instant text messenger service. This means you can have a conversation by typing messages to each other. The person you are speaking to gets your message instantly.

You can also use Skype on a tablet or a smartphone.

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YouTube subtitles

When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube will offer to transcribe the speech in the video to text.

This means that when someone who can’t hear very well watches the video, they can also read the text to find out what is being said. This is called subtitles.

But the speech in the video needs to be very clear. YouTube doesn’t always get the words right.

You can upload your own text for the video instead. Or type your own subtitles as you watch the video.

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