Hardware (equipment)

This page tells you about the different types of computer equipment that can help people with poor sight use a computer.

Screen magnifiers

Computer screen magnifiers fit over the monitor screen to make the text and pictures look bigger.

They are widely available, for example, click here to see a list of some for sale on Amazon.co.uk.

screen magnifier


Using keyboards with large keys or different coloured keys may help some people see them better.

You can buy special keyboards or you can get stickers to stick onto a normal keyboard.

Some organisations that help people with poor vision or no sight may provide these for free.

Click here to see keyboard stickers for sale from the RNIB.

coloured keyboard


For people who can read Braille, there is Braille equipment that can help you use a computer.

For example, you can buy a Braille keyboard to use with a computer.

Many Braille devices will easily link to your computer using a Bluetooth signal.

Click here to see some Braille equipment for sale on the Living Made Easy website.

braille device with laptop


PC-Eye is an electronic magnifier for your computer and television.

Click here to find out more about PC-Eye.