Screen magnifiers


A screen magnifier is computer software that makes a part of the screen bigger. For people with poor eyesight it makes it easier to see the computer screen.

Screen magnifiers can be very useful for older people as their eyesight begins to get worse.

Most computers, tablets and smartphones include this software. Click here to see how to find the magnifier on your computer.


ZoomText Magnifier is a screen magnifier that includes a lot of other features.

Click here to read more about ZoomText Magnifier software.



Pointer Focus

Pointer Focus can help people see their computer screen better by zooming in to a section.

Pointer Focus can also highlight the pointer on the screen to make it easier to see.

Click here to find out more about Pointer Focus software.



The Magnifier

The Magnifier is a low-cost screen magnifier that can be used with Windows computers.

Click here to find out more about The Magnifier.



MAGic is a computer screen magnifier and screen reader for people with poor sight.

Click here to read more about MAGic.


Free screen magnifiers

There are lots of free screen magnifiers.

Click here to find out more about free screen magnifiers.