I find words and learning difficult

If you find words and learning difficult, computers can be confusing to use.

This section will show you what you can do to make computers easier to use.

Keeping safe online

Staying safe online is very important. Safer Net is a very good website for people with a learning disability, and those who support them. The website has lots of tips about:

The website address for Safer Net is www.safernet.org.uk.

‘Play IT Safe’ guide – this is a good easy read guide to staying safe online. It has been made by Cerebra, Mencap and Ambitious about Autism. You can download it at the Cerebra website.

Hardware (Equipment)

Tablet computers can make it easier to:

  • use software, and
  • to explore the web.

Click here for information about computers and tablets.



There is lots of software that can help you learn, write and read on a computer.

Click here for information about things you can do on your computer.


Computer Settings

You can change your computer settings to make your computer easier to use.

Click here to find out how to make your computer easier to use.

Computer Settings

Organisations to Contact

There are other websites that help people with a learning disability to use the internet and to stay safe online.

Click here to see who you can contact for more help.

Organisations to Contact