Keyboard alternatives

There are different types of keyboard that are easier for some people to use. And there are keyboards that look completely different to a normal computer keyboard.

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Below is just a few of the different keyboard that you can get.

Shaped keyboards

Some people find it easier to use a keyboard if it is a different shape to a normal keyboard.

These keyboards are useful if someone can’t move their hands as much as other people. They are called ergonomic keyboards.

shaped keyboard

Keyboards with large keys

Some people may find it easier to use a keyboard that has much larger keys than normal.

keyboard big keys

Braille keyboards

Braille keyboards are available for blind people who can read and write in Braille.

braille keyboard


Gloves with pressure points in different places can be used instead of a keyboard to control a computer.


Small keyboards

If you find it difficult to move your hands you may find it easier to use a small keyboard. You can also use this with just one hand.

small keyboard

Virtual keyboard

Some people may find it easier to use a keyboard that is displayed on the computer screen. They can use a mouse or joystick to click on each letter.

Virtual keyboards are also used on tablet computers and mobile phones.

virtual keyboard