Software and apps

Speech dictation software

If you find it difficult to type you can tell the computer what to type. This is called speech dictation software, or speech recognition software.

When you talk at the computer the software understands the words and types them on the screen for you.

Keyboards on the computer screen

If you find it difficult to use a normal keyboard on a desk you can use a keyboard on your computer screen. This lets you type without using a desktop keyboard.

This software is called text input software. It is not used much any more because things like tablet computers have their own on-screen keyboards.

Accessibility is also getting much better on modern tablets, computers and smartphones.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is speech recognition software. It lets you talk to the computer which then writes the text on the screen.

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Online Dictation

Online dictation is a speech recognition website that you can only use online. Online Dictation is free but you must be connected to the internet to use it.

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speach to text using


Click-N-Type is an on-screen keyboard for people to use if they find it difficult to type on a desktop computer keyboard.

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Dasher is a kind of text input tool which lets someone write without using a keyboard.

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