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Computer hardware for users with little or no sight includes large-key or high-contrast keyboards and braille devices. For some people it may be appropriate to consider using a larger size pc monitor.

Large keyboard labels can be purchased as a cheaper solution to a defined large print keyboard. Some organisations/societies that support people with sight loss may be able to offer the labels at no charge.

Braille devices range from braille keyboard for use with a PC, braille embossers, note takers and refreshable displays. Living Made Easy has a selection of  braille computing equipment on their website.

Mac OS X is compatible with more than 40 different braille displays, most of which do not need any additional software for set up. They connect to the computer by bluetooth.

Visit Apple.com to find out how to set up a braille display with a Mac.

Specific Braille note taker computers are available, such as the BrailleNote. These are expensive options, but include synthesised speech, Braille keyboard and a refreshable Braille display. They can be used with a PC, keyboard and screen reader.

Not everyone wants to use a computer, a laptop or even a tablet!

For those that enjoy reading, there is a significant range of portable and static devices for reading. It is recommended that you explore the options and consider portability and magnifier options. Touchscreen speech technology is now available on a small number of devices.