Computer settings

If you sometimes have trouble seeing items on your screen, you can adjust the settings to make text and images on the screen appear larger, improve the contrast between items on the screen, and hear on-screen text read aloud.

How you do this will depend on the computer and operating system you use. AbilityNet’s My Computer My Way will show you how.


Windows computers

Windows has Narrator and Magnifier built-in so you can hear text and see it magnified on the screen. Windows 8 and 8.1 have improved accessiblity that incorporates touch screen technology.

See also how to change your computer settings through the Ease of Access centre in Windows.

Mac and iOS

Max OS X has VoiceOver and Zoom which are Apple’s screen reader and magnifier.

See also Apple’s accessibility features for visually impared users.


Colours and contrast

Some people find it easier to see text on a computer screen if the words and background are different colours or reversed.

How to change text and background colours on your computer.

How to change the colours or contrast on your mobile phone or tablet.



Some people are may find it easier to read text on a computer if it is in a different font to the regular ones usually displayed.

How to change the fonts on your computer or in your browser.


information iconAs a very quick way to magnifiy the web page or document you are reading in Windows, you can hold down CTL and either press the ‘+’ key on your keyboard or scroll your mouse wheel at the same time to change the magnification.

Most web browsers will also let you zoom in on web pages via an option under the browser’s ‘View’ button. You can zoom the whole page or just text.

Gary Thomas from Digital Accessibility Centre demonstrates testing a website for colour contrast and usability for low vision: